22 Chaser (2018) online sa prevodom

22 Chaser (2018)

22 Chaser (2018) Kategorija: Crime Drama
IMDB Ocena: 5.3 Glasovi: 444 | Trajanje:86 min |
Uloge: Brian J. Smith Kaniehtiio Horn Raoul Max Trujillo
Director: Rafal Sokolowski
Pisac: Jeremy Boxen
Jezik: English

22 Chaser (2018) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno 22 Chaser (2018) sa prevodom online Ben and Avery Dankert used what little money they had - Ben's inheritance - to move to Toronto to get away from a toxic family environment. Working as a tow truck driver, specifically in bylaw (i.e. towing illegally parked cars) for Jackrabbit Towing Services, and a cook in a diner respectively, they are unable to make ends meets let alone provide the little extras for their adolescent son Zach, who is continually taunted by classmates as white trash. These jobs are meant as a means to an end, Ben who wants to open his own garage, and Avery who wants to open her own restaurant. While she knows how to cook, Avery is unable to get any better job without culinary training, schooling which they can't afford. Things get even more difficult when Ben's unscrupulous boss, Bissey, institutes a new policy on the brink of Jackrabbit imminently being awarded the lucrative police contract: all drivers must lease the trucks from him, first and last month's payment due immediately. Feeling like the police contract is what will get them out of their financial bind, Ben, on the recommendation of his best friend from high school Sean who also works as a tow truck driver for Jackrabbit, gets the money from a loan shark, Ray, who works in his day job as a police constable. The financial windfall from the police contract does not materialize as quickly as Ben requires to pay back Ray, which places not only Ben, Avery and Zach's life as a family at risk, but also their lives in their entirety. Ben, who generally operates on morals, has to decide if he should try to break-into the cutthroat but more lucrative world of the chasers - tow truck drivers who monitor the police frequency for accident scenes - chasers who generally have no morals, Ben finding including Sean who has his own ulterior motives, but also the two he sees on the road at nights more often than not, Wayne and Elvis. Even if he wants, Ben will find that becoming a chaser is easier said than done.

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