Answers to Nothing (2011) online sa prevodom

Answers to Nothing (2011)

Answers to Nothing (2011) Kategorija: Drama Mystery Romance
IMDB ocena: 5.0 Glasovi: 1,102 | Trajanje:124 min |
Uloge: Sam Page Caitlin Gerard Chuck McCollum
Director: Matthew Leutwyler
Pisac: Ric Barbera, Matthew Leutwyler, Gillian Vigman
Jezik: English

Answers to Nothing (2011) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno Answers to Nothing (2011) sa prevodom online Intertwining stories exploring the bad in the best of us and the good in the worst of us. Against the backdrop of a child abduction case we follow five days in the life of the single parent detective assigned to the case, her best friend whose determination to get pregnant keeps her from confronting her husband's infidelity, a school teacher and his obsession with the missing child that pushes him to the edge of vigilantism, a beat cop grieving over the violent death of his wife, a recovering addict and her wheel chair bound brother preparing for the LA marathon, and a self-loathing African American TV writer's search for love.


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