Colette (2013) online sa prevodom

Colette (2013)

Colette (2013) Kategorija: Biography Drama History
IMDB ocena: 6.1 Glasovi: 559 | Trajanje:126 min |
Uloge: Clémence Thioly Jirí Mádl Eric Bouwer
Director: Milan Cieslar
Pisac: Geraldine Blecker, Milan Cieslar, Arnost Lustig
Jezik: English

Colette (2013) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno Colette (2013) sa prevodom online Arnost Lustig was one of the world's most renowned literary authors of our times. Lustig's novel 'A girl from Antwerp' upon which our film Colette is based, draws on the author's personal Nazi Concentration Camp experience and his own recollection of several escape attempts from the hell of Auschwitz. The story of The Pulitzer Prize nominee Lustig is about the power of love under an extreme life circumstances. It is a story of young lovers and their vigorous determination to escape from a hopeless life condition and theirs courage to face death.


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