Emergency Declaration (2021) online sa prevodom

Emergency Declaration (2021)

Emergency Declaration (2021) Kategorija: Action Drama Thriller
IMDB ocena: 7.0 Glasovi: 3,550 | Trajanje:141 min |
Uloge: Song Kang-ho Lee Byung-hun Jeon Do-yeon
Director: Han Jae-rim
Pisac: Han Jae-rim
Jezik: Korean

Emergency Declaration (2021) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno Emergency Declaration (2021) sa prevodom online AN AIRCRAFT IS FORCED TO DECLARE AN EMERGENCY WHEN AN UNPRECEDENTED TERROR OCCURS INFLIGHT Veteran chief police detective In-ho (SONG Kang-ho) receives a tip about a man threatening a terrorist attack against a plane. While investigating, he discovers that the suspect has actually boarded flight no. KI501. Despite his phobia of flying, Jae-hyuk (LEE Byung-hun) decides to go to Hawaii for the sake for his daughter's health. At the airport, he is distracted by a strange man who hangs around, speaking to them in a menacing way. Flight no. KI501 departs Incheon Airport for Hawaii, but soon afterwards a man dies for mysterious reasons. Fear and chaos spread quickly, not only inside the plane, but also on land. Hearing this news, Transport Minister Sook-hee (JEON Do-yeon) sets up a counterterrorism task force and calls an emergency meeting in order to find a way to land the airplane.


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    dobra akcija +7/10
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    dobar film
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    iako je tendeciozne konotacije , film vredi pogledati. napet je samo nemojte obracati paznju na izvesne naivnosti...