Living Out Loud (1998) online sa prevodom

Living Out Loud (1998)

Living Out Loud (1998) Kategorija: Comedy Drama Romance
IMDB Ocena: 6.6 Glasovi: 4,805 | Trajanje:100 min |
Uloge: Holly Hunter Danny DeVito Queen Latifah
Director: Richard LaGravenese
Pisac: Richard LaGravenese
Jezik: English

Living Out Loud (1998) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno Living Out Loud (1998) sa prevodom online Judith Nelson quit her medical studies to marry. Years later, her husband, a physician, divorces her to be with another doctor. Deeply frustrated, she now lives alone in her luxury apartment in New York, looking for a new meaning for her life. Pat Francato, the janitor and lift-boy, has a troubled life himself: Gambling debts and the tragic death of his daughter took away all his spirit. One day, he and Judith meet in the right mood and a fragile friendship starts to grow. They can help each other to get on their feet again. But one false move could destroy everything they built so carefully.


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