Miss Impossible (2016) online sa prevodom

Miss Impossible (2016)

Miss Impossible (2016) Kategorija: Drama
IMDB Rating: 5.9 Votes: 295 | Runtime:90 min |
Uloge: Léna Magnien Patricia Mazuy Philippe Duquesne
Director: Emilie Deleuze
Writer: Marie Desplechin, Emilie Deleuze, Laurent Guyot
Jezik: French HD

Miss Impossible (2016) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno Aurore is thirteen and holds it against each and all. Her parents, in her eyes, are complete craps. Sophie, her little sister, is the most exasperating model child ever. As for Jessica, her big sister, she thinks she is clever by marrying a Russian. Aurore had what you can call a best friend, Lola, but all she managed is to fall out with her. Last year, she had a boyfriend, but what a bore that Maxime. At school, well, it is a regular disaster, for although she repeats her seventh year, her results are appalling. As she says to her parents: 'All that remains for me is to kill myself. It will save you money!' But one day, a new substitute teacher, unlike any other, comes to teach the class French. And another day Areski, who has formed a rock band, asks her to become their singer. Will Aurore start reconciling with life...?

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