Monster Man (2003) online sa prevodom

Monster Man (2003)

Monster Man (2003)

Kategorija: Adventure Comedy Horror Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5.7 Votes: 4,416 | Runtime:95 min |
Uloge: Eric Jungmann Justin Urich Aimee Brooks Michael Bailey Smith
Director: Michael Davis
Writer: Michael Davis
Jezik: English HD

Monster Man (2003) online sa prevodom

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Monster Man (2003) sa prevodom

Gledaj Film Monster Man (2003) online sa prevodom hd ✔️ hd gledaj besplatno While driving in a highway to the wedding of his beloved Betty-Ann, Adam is surprised by his former schoolmate Harley on the backseat of his car. Adam has broken off with the inconvenient and moron Harley because of Betty-Ann. Along their road trip, Harley makes fun of some rednecks in a bar and later their car is chased by a giant monster truck on the road. After some incidents, they give a lift to the hitchhiker Sarah and sooner the trio is terrorized by a scary monster driving the monster truck.

Monster Man (2003) sa prevodom Monster Man (2003)

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