Pacific Heights (1990) online sa prevodom

Pacific Heights (1990)

Pacific Heights (1990) Kategorija: Thriller
IMDB ocena: 6.4 Glasovi: 21,003 | Trajanje:102 min |
Uloge: Melanie Griffith Matthew Modine Michael Keaton
Director: John Schlesinger
Pisac: Daniel Pyne
Jezik: English, Japanese

Pacific Heights (1990) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno Pacific Heights (1990) sa prevodom online San Franciscans Drake Goodman and Patty Palmer are taking their relationship to the next level not only by moving in together, but their new abode being a house they purchase. Despite it being slightly outside of their price range and only affordable to them in the right circumstances, they purchase a Victorian house in Pacific Heights. Those circumstances include making all the necessary renovations on their own, and immediately renting out the two suites on the main floor at a specific price point. While they rent out the rear one bedroom unit to the Watanabes without incident, outwardly wealthy Carter Hayes is able to manipulate his way into renting the front studio apartment, partly in promising to pay half a year's rent in advance. Drake and Patty eventually learn that Carter, whose money they do not receive, is in the "business" of causing havoc in such rental situations to ruin the owners financially, he being the tenant from hell. In Carter seemingly knowing how to manipulate the system to his benefit including the proverbial possession being nine-tenths of the law, Drake and Patty also learn from the police and Stephanie MacDonald, the property lawyer they hire to help evict Carter and who they cannot afford, that the law is on Carter's side, the process to get him out costly and time consuming. As the battle between Drake/Patty and Carter escalates, which also includes the Watanabes being caught in the crossfire, it becomes potentially deadly if either side crosses a breaking point.


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