Princesses (2005) online sa prevodom

Princesses (2005)

Princesses (2005) Kategorija: Drama
IMDB ocena: 6.9 Glasovi: 5,389 | Trajanje:109 min |
Uloge: Candela Peña Micaela Nevárez Mariana Cordero
Director: Fernando León de Aranoa
Pisac: Fernando León de Aranoa
Jezik: Spanish

Princesses (2005) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno Princesses (2005) sa prevodom online In Madrid's bustling streets, two perfect strangers, Caye, a thirty-year-old single woman, and Zulema, an illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic, struggle to make ends meet working as prostitutes, of course, unbeknownst to their families. Under those circumstances and by an unforeseen twist of fate, the two rivals will quickly bond, and even though they are worlds apart, Caye and Zulema will soon realise that they have so much in common, and in reality, their coincidental and somewhat improbable encounter will be the beginning of a beautiful and profound friendship.


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