Salmonberries (1991) online sa prevodom

Salmonberries (1991)

Salmonberries (1991) Kategorija: Drama
IMDB Rating: 6.1 Votes: | Runtime:95 min |
Uloge: Rosel Zech k.d. lang Angayuqaq Oscar Kawagley
Director: Percy Adlon
Writer: Percy Adlon, Felix O. Adlon
Jezik: English HD

Salmonberries (1991) sa prevodom

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A woman who grew up in a small town in Alaska goes to the public library to try and find out who her parents were. She was brought to town as a baby in a cardboard box with "Kotzebue" on it, which is the name of the town and also the name of the family that founded the town. She eventually befriends the librarian, an East German immigrant who lost her husband while escaping from behind the Iron Curtain. They help each other try to find closure to the events in their past.

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