Satan's Slaves (2017) online sa prevodom

Satan's Slaves (2017)

Satan's Slaves (2017) Kategorija: Drama Horror Mystery
IMDB Rating: 6.6 Votes: | Runtime:107 min |
Uloge: Tara Basro Bront Palarae Dimas Aditya
Director: Joko Anwar
Writer: Joko Anwar, Sisworo Gautama Putra, Naryono Prayitno
Jezik: Indonesian HD

Satan's Slaves (2017) sa prevodom

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The family of Rini is financially broken and she lives with her father, her mother that is ill, her grandmother that is crippled, and her brothers Tony, Bondi and the mute six year-old Ian in an old house in the countryside nearby a cemetery. Her mother, who was a successful singer, is dying from a mysterious disease and her father does not have money to support the family. When her mother dies, her father needs to travel to the city to sell the house and weird things happen in the house. The skeptical Rini befriends Hendra, son of the religious Ustadz, and they learn that her mother was infertile and joined a cult that worships Satan to have children. And now, when Ian will be seven, they will take the boy with them. What can they do to protect Ian?

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  1. Vaše ime
    Vaše ime
    1 mesec pre

    O tako, gledljiv ali prije pokupi svu robu od svih dilera u gradu. Stvarno neznam gde pronađete ovakve bisere.
  2. milijan
    1 nedelja pre

    Bolje ne gubiti vreme na ovaj film 4/10
  3. Marko5
    1 mesec pre

    Film je toliko glup da boli