Short Cuts (1993) online sa prevodom

Short Cuts (1993)

Short Cuts (1993)

Kategorija: Comedy Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.7 Votes: 42,380 | Runtime:188 min |
Uloge: Andie MacDowell Bruce Davison Jack Lemmon Zane Cassidy
Director: Robert Altman
Writer: Raymond Carver (writings), Robert Altman (screenplay), Frank Barhydt (screenplay)
Jezik: English HD

Short Cuts (1993) online sa prevodom

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Short Cuts (1993) sa prevodom

Gledaj Film Short Cuts (1993) online sa prevodom hd ✔️ hd gledaj besplatno While helicopters overhead spray against a Medfly infestation a group of Los Angeles lives intersect, some casually, some to more lasting effect. Whilst they go out to concerts and jazz clubs and even have their pools cleaned, they also lie, drink, and cheat. Death itself seems never to be far away, even on a fishing trip.

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