Still Life of Memories (2018) online sa prevodom

Still Life of Memories (2018)

Still Life of Memories (2018) Kategorija: Drama Romance
IMDB Rating: 5.1 Votes: 72 | Runtime:107 min |
Uloge: Masanobu Andô Natsuko Kobayashi Rima Matsuda
Director: Hitoshi Yazaki
Writer: Masa Asanishi, Akihiko Itô, Inuhiko Yomota
Jezik: Japanese HD

Still Life of Memories (2018) sa prevodom

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filmotip play

Gledaj hd besplatno Rei herself a museum employee is impressed by the photography exhibition of Suzuki Haruma and hires him for a project on the condition that he asks no questions in advance and surrender all photographs and negatives to her. It turns out the assignment is Rei, more specifically her vagina. Haruma sets out to conduct his work professionally and studiously, but as the work progresses the nature of the relationship may be changing. There is at least one person who is suspicious of the relationship between employee and employer.

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