The Birthday Wish (2017) online sa prevodom

The Birthday Wish (2017)

The Birthday Wish (2017) Kategorija: Comedy Drama Romance
IMDB Ocena: 6.8 Glasovi: 2,000 | Trajanje:84 min |
Uloge: Jessy Schram Luke Macfarlane Marcus Rosner Yvonne Chapman
Director: Peter DeLuise
Pisac: Julie Sherman Wolfe
Jezik: English

The Birthday Wish (2017) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno The Birthday Wish (2017) sa prevodom online Gwen, a director of television commercials, has mapped out her life in an attempt to be in control. That plan was devised as she never wants to be thrown for a curve like she was when she was thirteen when her father unexpectedly died. That plan includes being engaged by the time she reaches thirty, which is just around the corner. That engagement and imminent marriage will be followed by moving to Los Angeles to further her career. Alex, an image conscious on-air weatherman and Gwen's boyfriend of three years, knows of Gwen's plans, he who seemingly factors perfectly into those plans. When what Gwen envisioned will be the perfect romantic proposal from Alex not only does not materialize on her thirtieth birthday, but that a proposal from him doesn't happen in any form at all on that day, Gwen makes an off the cuff secret birthday wish to be able to see ten years into her future. Gwen does end up seeing a vision of what she assumes is supposed to be her in ten years, that vision which is nothing at all as she had planned. Items in that vision that don't match her plan include living in the suburbs instead of in the city, having three kids and driving a minivan. But the most disturbing aspect of that vision is that she is not married to Alex, but to Dave, the caring creative director with who the ad agency has recently paired her on the commercial projects, Dave who she only knows casually. Slowly, things begin to happen in her current life that point to the vision being a reality for her future. As she and Dave become friends, feelings start to develop on both sides, with Dave not acting on those feelings as long as he knows Alex is still in her life. Gwen has to decide whether to stick to her plan or follow her heart, especially as Alex begins to work toward her plans, albeit solely for his own sake.


  1. LilyL
    1 godina pre

    Zabavan, presladak Filmić!
  2. mikica
    1 godina pre

    Divan film, pretpostavljam da je Hallmark-ov, ali za razliku od ostalih, ovaj ima i pouku i svrhu. Najlepse u filmu je sto glumci imaju bas hemiju .
  3. DunjaG
    3 meseci pre

    Bas lep film za opustanje