The Disappeared (2008) online sa prevodom

The Disappeared (2008)

The Disappeared (2008) Kategorija: Drama Horror Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5.9 Votes: 1,922 | Runtime:96 min |
Uloge: Harry Treadaway Greg Wise Alex Jennings
Director: Johnny Kevorkian
Writer: Johnny Kevorkian, Neil Murphy
Jezik: English HD

The Disappeared (2008) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno Matthew Ryan's life is devastated after the disappearance of his younger brother, Tom. Matthew's father had left him to look after Tom and now Matthew feels responsible. His father is trying to hold back the anger and the blame but the cracks are beginning to show. One day Matthew is looking through a box of press clippings and video tapes about Tom's disappearance. Suddenly he hears a ghostly voice on one of the video tapes telling him "you never came for me!". It's the voice of his missing brother. He shows the tape to his father, Jake. This time there's no voice and Jake flies into a rage as the wound is reopened. Matthew tells his best friend Simon about the voices on the tape. Is he losing his mind, is Tom alive or dead? At home, Matthew plays the tape and hears Tom's voice again, desperately pleading for help. Then Matthew sees Tom at the window, gaunt and haggard. He rushes out to Tom but no one is there. Matthew strikes up a friendship with next-door neighbor Amy, who is beautiful but troubled. He talks to her about Tom and she suggests he visits a local medium. Matthew is unsure but he is again haunted by nightmarish visions of Tom. When he tries to sleep he has recurring nightmares that he is being buried alive. In desperation he goes to visit Melissa, the medium, who tells him that the area has been cursed through the ages. Her daughter gives Matthew a present, the drawing of a young girl. The following day Matthew is shocked when he finds out that Simon's sister, Sophie, has been abducted. Matthew realizes that the drawing by the mediums daughter is of Sophie. The haunting escalate, Matthew's state of mind deteriorates. Only Amy seems to believe him, as a tentative romance grows between them. Matthew knows that he needs to get to the bottom of Tom's disappearance if he is ever going to save Sophie. There is no going back as he hurtles towards the stark, chilling truth; The Disappeared;you can't bury the past.

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  1. Keko 111
    Keko 111
    6 meseci pre

    Ponekad u tamo se nazire svjetlo, turobno zaista i nije za svakoga.
  2. Jelena11
    5 meseci pre

    Prvih sat vremena misterija, uz mnostvo nepotrebnih scena i likova, bez objasnjena zasto se to desava (na pr. covek u psihijatriji koji se ubo olovkom, ili medijum s devojcicom). Zadnjih pola sata nekvalitetan, mracni horor. Jedva sam cekala kraj, jer sam ocekivala drugaciji film. Gledajte nesto pametnije.