The Goya Murders (2019) online sa prevodom

The Goya Murders (2019)

The Goya Murders (2019) Kategorija: Crime Drama Mystery
IMDB Rating: 4.8 Votes: 707 | Runtime:95 min |
Uloge: Maribel Verdú Aura Garrido Roberto Álamo
Director: Gerardo Herrero
Writer: Ángela Armero
Jezik: Spanish HD

The Goya Murders (2019) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno 2019, Madrid (center of Spain and the country's capital). Carmen Cobos is the quintessential "bad cop": resentful after a personal loss seven years ago, she is a heavy smoker, heavy alcoholic, and a tough and loudmouth woman in bad attitude with the world at the same time she has love affairs with her boss Commissioner Julián Vargas and journalist and war correspondent Adrián Iglesias. With the job as the only one important in her life, she's paired with the younger "good cop" although more rookie Eva González, a funny, optimist and happily married with two little children recently moved to the commissary, to investigate the murder of Laura Paterna, a young upper-class woman found dead in her house with a bizarre staging around her. While Eva tries to bear Carmen's rude manners and suspects that her husband is unfaithful to her, they two join forces to solve Laura's murder, talking with friends and familiars. After new crimes are committed and new corpses appear, Carmen and Eva trace a pattern: the mysterious assailant only kills in the Salamanca's upper-class district and people related with art of a way or another, using the kills to recreate the famous "Whims", a series of 80 paintings made by famous Spanish painter Francisco de Goya. However, an unexpected event forces a dramatic turn to the case: Adrián is interviewed in a TV show leaking secret information of the case after he read it in the Carmen's home laptop. Vargas Carmen leaves out of the case giving it to Eva, who tries unsuccessfully make the peace with her partner. But when the President of Madrid's Autonomous Community Alicia Márquez (and Vargas' close friend) claims to have been stalked in her house by the killer, Carmen returns to the investigation, who suspects that Márquez's stalk is a hoax created by the own Vargas as part of her politic campaign for the incoming elections. According the clues point of somebody related not only art market but black art market as well, Carmen, Eva and Adrián find themselves in the middle of a race against time to discover the identity of the killer without measuring the risk of their own lives.

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  1. Berlin
    1 mesec pre

    4/10 Triler nije loš. Podseća na američki film The Postcard Killings (2020) i možda malo na stariji film Resurrection (1999), ali nažalost nije toliko jak. Početak ide u dobrom pravcu, međutim ostaje nerazjašnjen motiv, razlog za ponašanje i sudbinu glavnog aktera; kraj je poprilično slab. Može da se pogleda ako tražite neki triler da ispunite vreme. Naučićete i ponešto o Goji.
  2. Makica
    6 dana pre

    Onako,nista posebno.Pocetak super,kraj bezveze skroz
  3. djinina mama
    djinina mama
    1 mesec pre