The Newton Boys (1998) online sa prevodom

The Newton Boys (1998)

The Newton Boys (1998) Kategorija: Action Crime Drama
IMDB ocena: 6.1 Glasovi: 11,793 | Trajanje:122 min |
Uloge: Matthew McConaughey Ethan Hawke Skeet Ulrich
Director: Richard Linklater
Pisac: Claude Stanush, Richard Linklater, Clark Walker
Jezik: English

The Newton Boys (1998) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno The Newton Boys (1998) sa prevodom online Four Newton brothers are a poor farmer family in the 1920s. The oldest of them, Willis, one day realizes that there's no future in the fields and offers his brothers to become a bank robbers. Soon the family agrees. They become very famous robbers, and five years later execute the greatest train robbery in American history.


  1. Najboji
    10 meseci pre

    Film je ekstra!!!
  2. Alex
    10 meseci pre

    Dobar film, sa svim primesama dobre zabave...