The War Zone (1999) online sa prevodom

The War Zone (1999)

The War Zone (1999) Kategorija: Drama Thriller
IMDB ocena: 7.3 Glasovi: 10,572 | Trajanje:98 min |
Uloge: Ray Winstone Annabelle Apsion Kate Ashfield
Director: Tim Roth
Pisac: Alexander Stuart
Jezik: English

The War Zone (1999) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno The War Zone (1999) sa prevodom online Suddenly, the moody 15-year-old, Tom, and his 18-year-old sister, Jessie, find themselves relocated from the hustle and bustle of urban London to the sullen silence of wind-swept rural Devon, at a little but neat cottage in the middle of nowhere. Dad is caring and kind, and very much in love with mum who has just given birth; however, an accidental glimpse of a disturbing and well-hidden secret in the family will bring Tom face-to-face with shock, denial, and ultimately, rage. What mystery could be so appalling that threatens to bring everyone in the family to their knees?


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